What is the refund, late arrival, and cancellation policy?

8 Hour Class Cancellation Policy:
Flex Academies ONE enforces a strict 8 hour class cancellation policy. No changes to your booking 8 hours before the class.
Late Arrival Policy:
Flex Academies ONE enforces a strict Late Arrival Policy. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your class you will lose your spot. You must be on time to class to properly prepare your working space and test technology. No one will be permitted entry into class 10 minutes or later after starting time.

Cancellation Policy:
“I understand that this is a month-to-month or weekly Membership Agreement with recurring weekly or monthly membership charges and a 24-hour cancellation policy effective the date of this agreement. I understand and agree to comply in full with the terms and conditions stated in this Terms of Service. I understand I need to email contact@flexone.live 24 hours in advance of my package renewal to officially cancel.”