Imagine someone who teaches music lessons, hip hop dancing, soccer or coding coming into your home every weekday to work with your child. While that’s not possible right now, Flex Academies ONE offers the next best thing: Scheduled, online learning experiences from certified instructors in different areas of interest.

Not a problem, our team is here to help and we have an Online Coordinator present at every session. And, to be honest, most of us are new to online enrichment. The concept for Flex Academies ONE was built out of necessity to help parents educate their kids during COVID-19 with schools closed - and - generate income for our trusted providers. We will all learn together as we experience this pandemic together.

Make sure you have reviewed our handy best practices for parents. And, hopefully you can find a quiet space or corner for your child so they can focus on the activity for the full hour.

What children are doing on Flex ONE with online enrichment is not distance learning like you see in the school systems. It is social, scheduled and safe. They come away from a session of art, Taekwondo, or zoology with more energy than when they started. So, no Zoom fatigue - we see “Zoom intrigue.”

Yes, the model is different in this way. But, we encourage you to share your student's schedule with their friends during the sign up period so more of your child’s friends can sign up for the same session.

We recommend you use either Chrome or Firefox when enrolling and editing your profile.


Each class will have an Online Learning Coordinator, who is there to welcome students, answer any questions, and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Our Online Coordinator will ensure the safety of each child entering the “virtual room” through two authentication codes.

Yes, With Flex Academies ONE, you know that the instructors who are interacting with your kids have been thoroughly screened and background-checked by Flex Academies. That’s a promise that you don’t get with most free, online classes. In fact, each and every provider and their instructors are held to the specific Flex Academies standards regarding background checks and insurance, including presenting proof of a clear background check and clearance in the National Sex Offender Registry.

Classes and Registration

Your child will be able to enroll in multiple classes per day, Monday through Friday, that meet online at scheduled times (all class start times are Eastern time zone). Also, be sure to check back to our schedule quite often as exciting new providers and classes will be added at the beginning of each 4 week session.

All Zoom invite information will be sent to the email address after you enroll. You will be able to log into the class from the email and will also have the option to add the invite to your Google calendar.

8 Hour Class Cancellation Policy:
Flex Academies ONE enforces a strict 8 hour class cancellation policy. No changes to your booking 8 hours before the class.
Late Arrival Policy:
Flex Academies ONE enforces a strict Late Arrival Policy. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your class you will lose your spot. You must be on time to class to properly prepare your working space and test technology. No one will be permitted entry into class 10 minutes or later after starting time.

Cancellation Policy:
“I understand that this is a month-to-month or weekly Membership Agreement with recurring weekly or monthly membership charges and a 24-hour cancellation policy effective the date of this agreement. I understand and agree to comply in full with the terms and conditions stated in this Terms of Service. I understand I need to email 24 hours in advance of my package renewal to officially cancel.”

Our providers specify exactly the age ranges in their descriptions. Therefore, your child should not be mixed in with the wrong age group since we break them up.

7-15 is the average class size online. 

We use Zoom for online enrichment and Google Meets generally for our tutoring, so we can use the tools available in Google Classroom. 

We have an Online Coordinator present and "roaming" our sessions as they take place. Their primary role is safety. They also take attendance and help with technology. Basically, this is the online version of our in-person Onsite Coordinator. 

Cost and Materials

You’re right, there are many free online classes available to your family. You can put kids in front of a screen to binge watch something for hours on end. But that’s watching, not participating, at a time when you want your kids to be active in the learning process.

A materials list is provided within each class description so you can gather or obtain all materials ahead of time.

This depends on the district or county-issued devices and their limitations, but we have never heard of a child in our programs from our districts and counties having an issue (and we had children in our program last Spring using their county-issued devices).

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